Spa Senses Rituals

The Six Spa Senses Rituals

Anti Fatigue Experience, which mixes hematite with organic mud to re-mineralize skin. A thermal bath and massage with gems complete the experience.

Sapphire Experience
, which combines water from the springs of Salies de Bearn, rich in magnesium with 25 essential minerals and trace elements, malachite and a fluorite gem chakra balancing.

Hypnose Experience
uses oriental oils and aromatic spices of saffron, myrrh and neroli to smooth the skin, alleviate stress and energies the body.

Detox Cure
alleviates accumulated toxins, purifying and oxygenating with green tea, water lily, orchid extract and wild rose.

Relax Cure
boosts circulation and alleviates tiredness and heaviness with an anti-congestive Arctic red fruit wrap.

Tense Cure
eases muscular tension with the healing properties of ginger.


Aqua- therapy

Detoxification Hydro Spa.
The use of seaweed and plant extracts are used to help detoxify the body in conjunction with the lymphatic drainage jet program. Colour Therapy Hydro Spa. Relax and rebalance with lymphatic drainage and pressure jets tailored to your needs whilst the seven charka colours rotate throughout your spa. Relaxation Hydro Spa with Essential Oils. Hand picked essential oils to enhance your senses are infused as you spa.