Relaxation BODY

Relaxation BODY

Ok it may not sound like a party, but with your hair all messed up and your totally chilled, its just as fun to do the Chilin with your friends, you can always party at the café upstairs and check out all the gym instructor’s….

  • Chocolate Vichy -$85
  • Organic mud massaged into your scalp "Devine"-$35
  • Mini SK pedi -$35
  • Presor Lymphatic massage-$40
  • Let your fiends choose their pleasure


Facial with Extras

Every one love a facial, and at SK skin clinic, we can added more than the average salons, why pay for a cleanse peel, tone massage and mask, you can do that at home and save $100. So take advantage of what’s on offer with all the latest advanced equipment.

  • LED light therapy- $35
  • Ultra sonic deep cleansing spatula- $35
  • Bodyter – tone up & shape up your body $55
  • Tanning- $28
  • Relaxing back massage-$35
  • Indian head, shoulder massage- $30
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