Mens Express Energy

Skeyndor men's range

Skeyndor men's range, express energy is a professional line of cosmetics with two main purposes in mind, to maintain the homeostasis of men's skin, which is essential for ensuring its fine qualities and secondly, a personalized cleansing regimen to optimize the skin's metabolism.

With a unique complex that regenerates and protects the skin from environmental stresses utilizing Vitamin C, Organic Silicon and Thermal Water to boost the skin's defenses thereby delaying signs of tiredness to calm the skin, fortifying it and building its resistance. The skin is visibly refreshed and rejuvenated with a more refined texture and increased tone.

Skeyndor Mens anti-ageing

Masculine skin has extraordinary natural qualities to protect itself more effectively against the external environment and it is more resistant than feminine skin. Skeyndor has produced one product to protect and energize fatigued skin.

The concept

  • For a special occasion, or one facial treatment a week for 4 weeks
  • Maintenance once a month
Mens Anti-aging

Skeyndor Men: Smoothing Shaving Gel
Its exclusive formula with organic silicium, designed to restore the external balance of men's skin, leaves your face feeling comfortable and soft after shaving.

Energising Anti-Ageing Serum
Serum created to energise and revitalise the skin. Formulated with a cocktail of active ingredients that help to increase the levels of cellular energy.

Shine Control 24 Aqua emulsion.
Shine control moisturising emulsion. Made with long lasting moisturising and sebum reducing agents which will reduce skin shine and pore size, leaving mixed and greasy skins with a normal appearance.

Redness Preventing After Shave.
Extra-refreshing balm, formulated to reduce post- shaving redness. It contains a combination of active ingredients that accelerate the healing process, reduce redness and help to prevent any impurities appearing in the skin.

Skeyndor Men: Eye Bags Recovery Gel
Its formula helps to reduce signs of stress and maintain an optimum degree of moisture. It also produces a calming, refreshing feeling around the eye contour.

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