Hydro Spa

Restore and Revive

What are they?
Hydro spas are a modern form of an ancient method of body revitalization. The modern spa is considered to be nothing more than a cosmetic luxury by those who are unaware of its importance for good health. The use of revitalizing waters is a human tradition and common wisdom that has been around for thousands of years. Hydro spas have revived the practice of using hot water on the body to ensure that relaxation and better health are achieved.


How do hydro spas work?
Hydro spas combine the use of Vichy water massage and warm water that has been infused with essential oils. The body or feet can be soaked in warm water that is infused with essential oils. This causes relaxation in the body but is also beneficial for the body because the essential oils that are contained in the water are absorbed into the body. These oils help to revitalize the skin, provide it with nutrients and eliminate the fatigue that is caused by our busy schedules.

What are the benefits of hydro spa treatments?

Muscle relief

The muscles of the body are always working and this causes them to build up a lot of fatigue. When hydrotherapy using hydro spas is well performed these muscles benefit from the rest, relaxation, and invigorating treatment. They therefore lose their tension and become more relaxed and less fatigued. Add on to a remedial massage for pure relaxation.

Insomnia treatment

Hydro spas have been shown to cause an increase in the overall relaxation that the person is feeling. This has the benefit of making it much easier for someone to get some good sleep later on. This is especially beneficial for anyone whose busy schedule has interrupted their sleeping cycles and caused them to struggle with sleep.

Pain relief

For anyone suffering from chronic pain and fatigue conditions, a hydro spa is one of the best ways to seek pain relief without resorting to addictive pain medication. Water has been shown to have a naturally relaxing effect on the body.

Stress and depression relief

Hydro spas are able to reduce the amount of stress that a person is feeling. This is because the treatment reduces the production of stress inducing chemicals in the body. Furthermore, it also causes the production of beneficial chemicals such as dopamine which can eliminate feelings of depression. The essential oils that are absorbed into the body provide the body with much needed nutrients. This has the effect of making the body healthier which also helps to reduce psychosomatic conditions such as stress.

Hydro Spa session $65 or add onto other treatments for $45
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