Facial Detox for sun & pollution

Facial Detox for sun & pollution

Pollution hurts your skin's barrier function.

Pollution hurts your skin's barrier function by breaking down collagen and the lipids contained within it. ... Additionally pollution can cause irritation, rashes and breakouts, particularly peaks in pollution. Dirt particles can accumulate on skin's surface which can clog pores when they mix with your skin cells and oils.

Unstable molecules can cause damage to the skin and lead to wrinkles and pigment spots. Particulate matter may aggravate inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and acne as well.

facial detox for sun and pollution

Australian fires has made real changes to the condition of our skin.


Skeyndor Oxygen facial  Creates a protective film on the face that maintains the hydration of the skin and helps recover its It helps skin oxygenation and protects the skin with a barrier effect against environmental pollution.


Purifies and eliminates the effects of pollution using advanced technology to replenish vital oxygen supplies, rejuvenate oxygen-starved, lifeless and damaged skin for a glowing, recharged healthier complexion.

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