A deep moisturizing treatment, the skin is cleansed and refined.  Skin tone and texture are restored using clay, giving the skin immediate radiance.

Women are realizing that it is important to do so at an earlier age. Skeyndor's Essential Line responds to the type of woman that, at any age, begins her daily skin care regimen. Skeyndor's Essential Line offers solutions to the normal, dry, oily and combination skin types and has been carefully designed so that its working system is highly effective.

And Skeyndor's Natural Defence Line is among the highest technology in anti ageing skin care products. This line is based on one of the latest discoveries in anti-ageing treatments: the immune defence of the skin. The combination of a series of active ingredients capable of activating the skin's immune system protects the most demanding skins in the fight against ageing.

  • Great price point
  • Skin defence
  • Amino acids the building blocks of the skin
  • Luxurious to use

Essential Range