Clear Skin

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Slowing down the ageing process , now there is a new facial home treatment that uses the most powerful form of this impressive anti-oxidant. Skin is left feeling and looking fresher, more radiant and luminous while the Vitamin C plays an important role in forming new collagen and its anti-free radical action protects the skin from UV rays.


Power Retinol - sun damaged skin

A powerful skin care facial, that induces collagen synthesis, making it one of the strongest anti-wrinkle agents available. By repairing the cellular damage caused by repeated exposure to UV light, the skin can be tighter, firmer and plumper. Both professional beauty treatments and home care are available in the Retinol Line



Returning what time and the environment has diminished, this cutting edge treatment recovers the skin’s lost luminosity. Expertly banishing discolouration left over from sun loving days, while being equally as effective in smoothing lines, restoring vitality and clarity and making tired and dulling skin just a memory.