Have you heard of Meso Body Science?

Meso Body ScienceIf not, you should take notice here if you suffer from slack skin and related imperfections such as cellulite.


Skin imperfections


This term actually covers a wide range of situations.


Aged skin, dry skin, stretch marks, they’re all examples of things that can leave us looking a little worse for wear.


There are literally dozens of potential causes. Obesity, over-enthusiastic dieting, pregnancy and childbirth, poor skin moisturising, excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays and even exercise – they can all cause problems for our skin.


Once upon a time, people would have simply said “put up with it” or “it’s the price of aging” – but that’s no longer necessary.


Meso Body science


There is now a series of treatments available that can address many of these problems.


For example, MesoSlim is an electro-therapy treatment that directs vitamins and natural product extracts into areas of the skin where they’re most needed.


MesoFirmness involves the use of electrical stimulation to firm up muscle and skin tone.


The results can be extraordinary but the exact regime required will be dictated by your unique body and skin condition plus your own requirements.


The first step is usually a full examination and a discussion with you about areas you want to see improved.  You can then agree the exact programme of events, based upon Meso Body sciences, to be followed.


Some treatments may be one-off, yet others may involve a series of sessions whilst others again may involve regular treatments that are incorporated into your regular lifestyle.


SK Skin Clinic Expertise


Why not contact us for an initial assessment of your needs?  In a standard day session at our spa, we’ll quickly identify what treatments might benefit you and show you some examples of successes from our extensive track record.

The Spray Tan – Your Questions Answered

spray tanning

spray tanning  Here are some of the questions we at SK Skin Clinic sometimes hear on the subject of spray tanning.


Does it work?

Yes, or we wouldn’t be proposing it to our clients!

In fact, many of our spray tanclients are repeat regular customers.


Why do some people look great after spray tanning and others look ‘odd’?

None of our customers ever look ‘odd’ after a session.

However, we do know what you mean because we’ve all seen some people who look ‘not quite right’ after a spray tantreatment.

In our experience, that’s usually because they’ve not gone to a professional for their spray treatment. Using cheap products, inexperienced practitioners or ‘DIY’ approaches is a recipe for disappointment.


Can I get the exact colour I want?

Please discuss this with us as space doesn’t really permit a full discussion.

Suffice it to say here that we have vast experience in this area and can discuss colour shades with you taking into account our knowledge and expertise plus your preferences.


Do some colours work better with some people than others?

In our experience, most certainly yes.

If you look at people who have tanned ‘naturally’ under the sun, the final result varies depending upon a number of factors including their age and genetic skin type.

It’s important to think about things in a holistic sense rather than simply to get hooked on the concept of a spray tan colour you’ve seen in a magazine photo or online because in reality, it just might not look right for you.


Does it hurt?


It’s entirely painless. Even the drying process is done at very comfortable temperatures.


Can I just turn up and get it done?

We do have a few simple instructions (or perhaps more correctly advice) we’d like you to follow on the day of the treatment itself. This is intended to ensure the best possible results so it’s worth taking them seriously.

Of course, booking a spray tantreatment is always advisable rather than just ‘turning up’!

5 Types of Treatment You can get ina a Spa Clinic Sydney

body relaxation

img12People who are self-confident know the fact that they owe a lot of their confidence to the fact that they do take care of themselves as much as possible. This means that they try to eat healthy, work out and that they can take some time off to be pampered every once in a while. Respecting yourself this way is not only beneficial for the way you look, but also for the way you feel. Your entire body will feel more energized, you will feel stronger, more contempt with who you are and how you look and you will also feel that stress, depression and anxiety have no place in your life.


A spa clinic Sydney may just be the perfect choice when it comes to offering yourself some pampering and if you are looking for one, then you may also want to more about the main types of treatment such a clinic can offer you with. Of course, the range of services you can get in a spa clinic Sydney varies from one clinic to another, but the treatments mentioned here are commonly encountered in all the quality spas out there.


1. Face treatments are among those things you will always be able to receive in a spa clinic. However, not all spa clinics are equal and not all face treatments are equal. Try to choose a spa that uses the latest discoveries in the fields, that focuses both on the skill of their staff and on the effects of their products and that knows that investing in high quality equipment is absolutely crucial. From skin rejuvenation treatments to acne-related treatments and from chemical peelings to massages, there is a huge variety of treatments your face can receive in a truly professional spa.

2. Body treatments are also a “must” of the spa clinics out there and, again, quality products, quality trained staff and quality pieces of equipment will all contribute to the effectiveness of the treatment. Anti-cellulite and fat-loss massages are very common in the spa clinics out there and so are relaxing massages. Furthermore, Eastern-inspired treatments are also quite frequently encountered out there.

3. If you ever need professional makeup for a special event in your life (such as your wedding, for example), you should also know that some of the spa clinics out there can provide you with this type of service. The professional makeup will look much, much better than anything you can do yourself at home and certain events in your life will definitely deserve such pampering.

4. Everybody knows that once summer kicks the best way to “wear” your skin is in the perfect tanned colour. However, staying under the sun long enough to actually get a nice tan can be dangerous for your skin and one of the best alternatives to this is getting a sprayed tan at a spa clinic.

5. They say you can tell how well-groomed a lady is by looking at her hands and if you want perfect hands at all times, then getting a professional manicure at least once in a while is a “must”. You can also do this at a spa clinic and let yourself into the hands of a professional who is specialized in doing this.

The Best Low Impact Fat Loss Exercises to Stay Healthy

blog7Obesity is one of the worst parts of life that you can come across. Due to the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, you must have noticed that instead of healthy weight, the problem of weight gain is increasing. Certainly stress and hectic schedule makes it more difficult to include exercise in the routine. However to stay fit and healthy, a good diet with a regular workout is extremely important. But looking at the rush hours that a common man is surviving in these days, it seems that it is pretty much difficult for the people to opt for healthy options.


Obesity is nothing but a medical condition which is a term for the excess body fat which gets accumulated. It has got many adverse effects that affect women during pregnancy or men in different ways like BP problem, diabetes and many more. Obesity invites hordes of health issues like cancer, weakness, dizziness and even the tumour and thereby reduces your life expectancy. However, there are some of the best low impact fat loss exercises which you include in your daily plan. These exercises are best for women who wish to lose weight during their pregnancy or for people for whom heavy workout is simply too much.


The Low impact exercise schedule


  • Start with a  good warm-up
  • Do some aerobic exercise
  • Yoga is another good option that improves flexibility
  • Medication is good for relaxation
  • Interval training is another best fat loss exercise


You could add slight variation to your exercise routine and turn it into a low impact fat loss exercise. If you are using a treadmill, you could increase the speed occasionally for few minutes and then continue working on your regular speed. This sudden spike in speed would make your body work harder and you will be able to lose weight faster. Similarly you could increase the speed of your jog or introduce a short sprint in your daily walk to convert your exercise regimen into a low impact weight loss technique.  These low impact fat loss exercises not only help you burn those unnecessary calories but also ensure that you get a good flexibility. Your metabolism rate increases and digestive system starts functioning smoothly.


Bring some healthy lifestyle changes; after all to get rid of such huge fat is not an easy job. Do not stress out your body and ensure that you eat healthy food. Include more body building food like proteins in your meal plan as that would give you better energy to work out next day. So what are you waiting for? Start with such healthy options today and get back to your original shape that you have been always dreaming of. Stay happy and eat healthy!