Body Sculpting

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Lymphatic Drainage

Based on air pressure massage, the Presor-03 can improve most circulatory problems that are experienced by 90% of the population. Suitable for Detoxifaction, Assistance during diets, oedema (fluid retention) cellulite, prevention of varicose veins, reduces pain in tired, heavy and aching legs, pregnancy, post & pre operative care, after a long flight or a big night.


Body Firming Bodyter

Best Results for muscle toning, fat burning and body remodelling. Helps poor posture and breaks down excess fat in the body. Fantastic for hard or soft cellulite. Electro stimulation with thermotherapy (far infra red) and electroporation into the skin and cells. Assists in a greater work out session at the gym & improves work out performance.


Body Shaping - Impact Fat Loss

Re Shape your body, Sliming & Significant inch-loss whilst firming those less than toned areas. For the ultimate combination to re-balance, firm, burn, detoxify & drain we combine Impact with Cavitation and Presor therapy lymphatic drainage.